What Are The Different Materials Used For Making Driveways?

What Are The Different Materials Used For Making Driveways?

There are so many types of driveways which are purely based on the materials used for making it. If you are installing a driveway at your property for the first time then you should be aware of the materials that are used and their benefits. Each material gives a different color, texture and style to a driveway. In Fact, some driveways are installed with the mixed materials to give a customized look. One of the most popular pathway material which people prefer these days is commercial resin. Therefore if you are confused about which material you should choose for your driveway then take a look here.


Concrete driveways are the preferred choice for most of the people because they are durable, versatile and cost effective. Also, they does not require much maintenance. They mostly provide a simple and traditional look but can also be designed by adding color and decorative flourishes.


Paver is a material that looks like a piece of brick, tile or stone. Generally, people who want a curb appeal and designer pathway go for the pavers driveway. It quite costly to install but requires very less maintenance and long last up to 30-40 years which is quite good. The design choices are easily available for paver driveways.

Commercial Resin


Shell driveways are highly cost-effective as they are made with the natural crushed shell. They look aesthetically beautiful and are also very durable. People who are having drainage issues at their home can benefit a lot by using this material for their driveway. There are three different types of shells oyster, calm and scallop which provides different colors from grey to off white to brown.


People who are residing in the colder regions often choose this material for their driveways because asphalt is a very flexible material and is dark grey in color which helps to retain heat and melt the snow comparatively quickly. There is one drawback of this material, it requires high maintenance and needs to be sealed in every four to five years.



Brick driveways give a very rich look to any property and are very expensive to install. If you want to increase the resale value of your home then you can use brick for your pathway. Their maintenance costs are moderate and durability is high.

Hence, these are some of the types of materials that you can use for making driveways. However, there are also many other types but the above mentioned are quite popular.

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